Welcome to Phuket Elephant Nature Reserve

An Accredited, Sustainable, and Ethical Elephant Sanctuary in Phuket

Over 1,000 5 Star Reviews

5 star reviews

An absolutely unforgettable experience! The outstanding staff made our experience even more enjoyable! 


5 star reviews

Absolute gem of a place!! Wonderful to observe the rescue elephants in such a relaxed atmosphere, just being elephants.


5 star reviews

An unforgettable and relaxing day with elephants in an amazing camp to protect them – no riding (and) no plastic!


Join us for an amazing elephant adventure!

Located on 30 Rai of lush jungle land, near the tropical beaches of west Phuket, we are an ethical elephant sanctuary with a strong focus on high welfare standards for our elephants. Feed, meet and observe our elephants as they play in the mud, splash in the water, and roam our land.

Our elephant tours in Phuket aren’t just unforgettable — they’re an enlightening journey of learning, care, and adventure with our rescued elephants.

Bow walking at the Phuket Elephant Nature Reserve
Highly Recommended

Half-Day Elephant Adventure in Phuket

FromTHB ฿3,000
The ultimate experience with our rescued elephants enjoying an educational, fun & active immersion into the elephant's daily lives.
Perfect for Younger Children

Short 90-Minute Elephant Adventure in Phuket

FromTHB ฿1,200
Enjoy a condensed version of our half day adventure, including meet & feed the elephants, education and enjoy our beautiful forest jungle walk with the elephants!
Just you, your Guide & the Elephants

Private Half-Day Phuket Elephant Adventure

An amazing experience, learning and caring for our rescued elephants while enjoying your privacy. Just you, your guide, and the elephants!


Elephant welfare is our top priority and as such we follow strict guidelines of welfare, nutrition, & vet care set out by international standards.


Learn about our elephant dung recycling program making biodegradable paper & biogas, our hydroponic vegetable & herb gardens, strict recycling policies, and utilization of solar power.


Strong focus on visitor education, providing love and care to our rescued elephants in a sustainable manner that eliminates stress while providing a real connection and experience to our visitors.


No riding
No chains
No bull hooks & No bathing
Experience our elephants in their natural environment.

Welcome to the Most Ethical Elephant Sanctuary in Phuket

The Phuket Elephant Nature Reserve is an accredited and sustainable Elephant Sanctuary located on the west coast of the tropical island of Phuket, Thailand. Founded in 2019, elephant conservation is of the utmost importance to us, and the elephant’s welfare is our primary focus.

What to Expect at Phuket Elephant Nature Reserve

  • Meet & feed our rescued elephants
  • Beautiful nature jungle hike with the elephants
  • Amazing natural photo opportunities
  • Lush 30 rai protected sanctuary
  • Strong focus on elephant welfare & education
  • Vitamin Balls preparation and cooking area. Learn about the elephant's diet and why we need to supply supplementary vitamins to our elephants (Half-Day Program)
  • Natural water features for our elephants to enjoy
  • A truly ethical experience!
  • Learn all about the anatomy of elephants, daily lives, and how we care for our elephants in the Elephant life & vet care area (Half-Day Program)
  • Elephant Dung Recycling Centre learning to convert dung into paper (Half-Day Program)
  • Enjoy the Observation Deck Ban Chang Restaurant Phuket
  • Complimentary Thai cooking demonstration (Half-Day Program)
  • Bathrooms & lockers available
  • And of course, a truly amazing experience!

Why we don't offer bathing with our elephants at Phuket Elephant Nature Reserve

In the wild, elephants love to bathe in rivers, ponds, streams, and muddy wallows. They need space to splash, roll around, submerge, and cover themselves in mud. Elephants like peace and quiet, not loud groups of visitors throwing mud or buckets of water at them.

If people are crowding around them, it is very stressful for the elephants. Also, the mahout needs to control the elephant by forcing it to stand still or lie down, not giving any freedom to the elephant to play.

It is also unhygienic for visitors as the elephants urinate and defecate when entering the water, which may cause eye infections and sickness. There are also accidents with people slipping in the mud which is dangerous when there is a three-tonne elephant close by.

Our programs limit contact for many reasons, but mostly so our elephants can be free of constant human touch. We want our elephants to enjoy their day just as much as you.

By standing back, you are able to take the most amazing photos and videos, so you can remember your very special day with the elephants at Phuket Elephant Nature Reserve.

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