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The best way to plan an unforgettable holiday is with the help of tips and advice from locals — and that’s exactly what our travel guides and blogs provide!

From food and restaurant recommendations to must-visit sites and so much more, read our posts and start planning the kind of Phuket escape you’ve always dreamed of.

Browse our range of ethical elephant activities in Phuket to ensure your trip includes cruelty-free experiences with our gentle giants.

And if you have questions about any of our tours or experiences, please get in touch.

Our Phuket Guides

Phuket Night Markets

What Should I Know When Planning a Trip to Phuket?

If you’re asking yourself “What should I know when planning a trip to Phuket?”, this PENR blog has the answers you need! Read our local insights here.
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How Do You Get Around in Phuket? Advice from Locals

A common question from first-time visitors is: How do you get around in Phuket? Read this PENR blog to find out how to travel around our beautiful island!
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Things to Do in Karon Beach, Phuket

Are you looking for things to do in Karon Beach, Phuket on a day trip? Read this PENR blog to find out more about visiting this beautiful spot.
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Where to Go to Watch Thai Boxing (Muay Thai) in Phuket

Are you wondering where to go to watch Thai boxing (Muay Thai) in Phuket? Read this PENR blog and plan an exciting experience you’ll never forget!
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Our New Elephant Arrival in Phuket: Nong Tang Rescued!

PENR has rescued a new elephant, bringing our family of these incredible creatures to four. Meer our new elephant arrival in Phuket: Nong Tang!
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Elephant bathing in Jungle

Should I Ride Elephants in Thailand? Why or Why Not?

Planning a visit to Thailand and unsure about riding an elephant? Read PENR's blog to discover the ethical dos and don'ts of this cruel practice.
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5 Best Kids’ Water Activities and Water Sports in Phuket

Do you want to make a splash on a Phuket family holiday? Whether you prefer the hotel swimming pool, the azure waters of the Andaman Sea, a fun-filled...
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A Morning with Phuket Elephant Nature Reserve’s Elephants

Before you visit our ethical sanctuary, spend a morning with Phuket Elephant Nature Reserve’s elephants in this blog! Find out what you can expect to see!
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What Are the Best Resorts in Phuket for a Honeymoon Trip?

Looking for the perfect resort for a honeymoon trip in Phuket? Join Phuket Elephant Nature Reserve for the ultimate guide to romantic resorts in Phuket.
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