14 Top-Rated Attractions and Things to Do in Phuket

Here on the tropical island of Phuket, adventure, culture, history, and natural beauty converge to offer an endless array of unforgettable experiences. From ethical elephant activities in Phuket to bustling night markets and thrilling waterparks, there’s something to keep everyone entertained!

With so much to see and do, it’s impossible to cover everything in a single blog. But as locals who love showcasing the best of Phuket, we still want to pack in as many recommendations as we can. As such, we have picked a broad range of experiences with a wide appeal, so you’ll find plenty of inspiration for your itinerary.

So, let’s embark on a whistlestop journey through 14 top-rated attractions and things to do in Phuket! And remember, our team is here to help however we can, so please get in touch if you have any questions.

Make Cherished Memories on the Half-Day Elephant Adventure in Phuket

Start your Phuket adventure on a heartwarming note with a visit to our ethical elephant sanctuary. Our Half-Day Elephant Adventure offers a unique opportunity to interact with our gentle giants in their natural habitat. 

The health, happiness, and well-being of our rescued animals are our priority, so all of our Phuket elephant activities revolve around observation and education. We categorically do not allow riding or bathing. This means you can immerse yourself in a truly authentic, meaningful, and humane experience that allows our elephants to live as nature intended.

We have hundreds of five-star reviews, so be sure to take a look and make your booking with confidence!

Big Buddha Statue Phuket

Get the Full Big Buddha Experience

At the time of writing, the Big Buddha in Phuket has 16,764 reviews on Tripadvisor with an average rating of 4.5. There’s no doubt that this remarkable statue perched atop Nakkerd Hill is one of the most popular must-see things in Phuket.

Given its height of 45 metres and its prominent position, Big Buddha is a can’t-miss attraction in every respect — you can see it for miles around in the south of Phuket. However, making the journey to the summit is an absolute must. Not only can enjoy the impressive close-up angles of this enormous structure, but you can also soak up breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding area and the Andaman Sea.

See Bangla Road for Yourself

Feelings about Bangla Road vary from person to person. If you’re curious about this staple of Phuket’s nightlife, it’s best to visit in person and make up your own mind. With 20,952 reviews on Tripadvisor at the time of writing, plenty of people have done exactly the same!

This bustling 400-metre street connecting Patong Beach and the centre of town comes alive after dark with neon lights, pulsating music, and an array of bars, clubs, and street performers. Whether you’re looking to dance the night away or simply people-watch with a refreshing cocktail in hand, Bangla Road promises an exhilarating evening out.

Bask in the Beauty of Bangtao Beach

Escape the crowds and unwind on the soft white shores of Bangtao Beach. Stretching for six kilometres along Phuket’s west coast, this tranquil beach looks out over the crystal-clear waters of the Andaman Sea.

The location and conditions provide a stage for all kinds of beach and beachside activities, including swimming and sunbathing, water sports activities, and shady spots beneath swaying spots to simply kick back and relax. Bangtao is also home to the upscale beach clubs, bars, and resorts of the Laguna Complex.

Phuket is blessed with a stunning collection of beaches, so you’re spoilt for choice. But Bangtao tops the list for us!

If you’re finding our local insights helpful, be sure to check out our blog What Should I Know When Planning a Trip to Phuket? when you have finished here. It’s another essential resource in your trip-planning process.

Support the Incredible Soi Dog Foundation

Support a worthy cause by visiting the Soi Dog Foundation, a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the welfare of street dogs and cats in Phuket. When writing this blog, the foundation had a full five-star rating on Tripadvisor from around 1,500 reviews!

Take a guided tour of their facilities, meet some of the rescued animals, and learn about their efforts in sterilization, vaccination, and adoption programs. Consider donating if you can as the foundation relies solely on the generosity of the public.

And while you’re in the north of Phuket, fill your day(s) with some more of our picks for the best things to do in Mai Khao!

Soak Up the Scenery On a Phang Nga Bay Boat Tour

Embark on a thrilling island-hopping adventure in the breathtaking Phang Nga Bay. Hundreds of tiny paradise islands dot the azure water here, and it’s easy to spend hours exploring them. There are plenty of tour operators running day trips in the bay from Phuket, so you should easily find one that suits your needs.

If you have time restrictions, consider a Phang Nga Bay/James Bond Island trip. These tours cover the most famous sites and scenery, from looming limestone cliffs to outstanding snorkelling spots.

Indulge in Ban Chang Phuket’s Menu

The amazing Ban Chang Phuket is an award-winning restaurant located at our very own Phuket Elephant Nature Reserve! But we want to be clear, we haven’t included it on this list lightly. We have been voted as the number one local Thai restaurant in Phuket!

Our incredible chef prepares dishes from a range of cuisines, from Thai and Isan (Northern Thai) to international and vegan. There’s also a delicious kids’ menu and a wide range of drinks. PENR is set in gorgeous grounds and the atmosphere is casual and laidback, making it the go-to place for an authentic, local, and mouthwatering experience.

Ban Chang Phuket is open for everyone to enjoy, not just guests on our Phuket elephant activities. And for even more food inspiration, check out our recommendations for the best Thai food places in Phuket.

Phi Phi Island Phuket

Take a Boat Tour to the Stunning Phi Phi Islands

Embark on a day trip to the Phi Phi Islands, a spectacular archipelago defined by picturesque beaches and huge cliffs. As with Phang Nga boat trips, you won’t be short of operators running tours across the Andaman Sea to the Phi Phi Islands.

This is the location of Maya Bay, made famous by the movie “The Beach”. You can hike up to a viewpoint (conveniently called Viewpoint 1) to admire the famous view of the two parallel bays.

If anything, the Phi Phi Islands are so highly rated that they have become a victim of their own success. It gets busy here, so don’t imagine yourself having a deserted or quiet beach to yourself.

Carpe Diem Beach Club Phuket beach view

Take it Easy at Carpe Diem Beach Club on Bangtao Beach

Savour a stylish, sophisticated slice of paradise at the five-star rated Carpe Diem Beach Club, nestled along the shores of Bangtao Beach. Lounge on plush sunbeds, sip on refreshing cocktails, and indulge in delectable Mediterranean-inspired cuisine as you soak up the laid-back atmosphere. With its stunning ocean views and relaxed vibes, Carpe Diem Beach Club is the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy a day in the sun.

When it comes to the top five beach clubs in Phuket, Carpe Diem is our number one choice.

Cheerful Little Boy Having Fun in Waterpark on the Beach Resort. With Pleasure Making Water Splashes. Happy Summer Holidays.

Make a Splash at Blue Tree Water Park

Cool off from the tropical heat at Blue Tree Water Park, Phuket’s premier aquatic playground. Dive into a world of fun and excitement with thrilling water slides, lazy rivers, and splash pools suitable for all ages. Whether you’re seeking adrenaline-pumping adventures or leisurely relaxation, Blue Tree Water Park offers endless aquatic entertainment (and so much more!) for the whole family.

We love Blue Tree Water Park so much that we included it in our list of the best kids’s water activities and water sports in Phuket.

Get Some Retail Therapy at Blue Tree Phuket Wansao Market

When we said there was more to Blue Tree Phuket, we meant it! This water park is also home to the Wansao Market, complete with market stalls, food trucks, drinks, kids’ activities, live DJs, an outdoor cinema, arts and crafts, and even a Zumba class!

Visiting a bustling night market is part of the Phuket experience, and there many excellent traditional gems to consider on our own list of the best night markets in Phuket. But the Wansao Market is a unique offering that perfectly combines live entertainment for all ages with shopping opportunities for gifts, jewellery, fashion items, and accessories.

girl zip-lining in the jungle

Zip Through the Jungle Canopy at Flying Hanuman

Flying Hanuman has an impressive five-star rating on Tripadvisor from 3,208 reviews, at the time of writing. And when you’re in the midst of this adrenaline-fuelled adventure in the lush jungle canopy you’ll understand why. 

Soar through the treetops on a series of thrilling ziplines and sky bridges while taking in breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. With its exhilarating activities and eco-conscious practices, Flying Hanuman offers a truly unforgettable outdoor adventure.

Kids and adults alike love this ziplining experience, so consider it for your own Phuket family holiday itinerary.

Embrace Competition at Adventure Mini Golf

Putt your way through a tropical paradise at Adventure Mini Golf on Bangtao Beach. Lush (artificial) greens surrounded by palm and bamboo trees set the stage for a fun-filled round on this 18-hole miniature golf course. Navigate through challenging obstacles, test your skills on unique putting greens, and enjoy friendly competition with family and friends. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a novice player, Adventure Mini Golf promises hours of entertainment for all ages.

Feel the Rush of Muay Thai at Patong Boxing Stadium

Immerse yourself in the electrifying world of Muay Thai, Thailand’s national sport, with an exhilarating evening at Patong Boxing Stadium. Watch skilled fighters showcase their agility, strength, and technique in adrenaline-pumping matches that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

If this sounds like your idea of a great night, our blog Where to Go to Watch Thai Boxing (Muay Thai) in Phuket takes a deeper dive into this topic.

Book Your Ethical Elephant Activities in Phuket with PENR

We hope you’ve enjoyed this run-through of 14 top-rated attractions and things to do in Phuket. Remember, there’s even more to see and do on our island! This only scratches the surface.

Be sure to browse our ethical elephant activities in Phuket so you can visit our sanctuary on your preferred date! We can’t wait to welcome you!

If you have any pre-booking questions, please just contact us for the answers you need.

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